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Mindthecap è un blog scritto da Anna & Adamo

Adamo LOVES:

Apple-design-iphone-Dsquared-sneakers-scarf-music-cool hunting-Christian Dior-Margiela-flash forward-all saints store-havana cola-Barcelona-Steve Jobs-art exhibition-architecture –Golden Goose- football-H&M-Marc Jacobs-basket-Obama-Lansdale Joe R.-to collect bracelets

Fashion-photography-interesting people-design-cool hunting-travel-NY city-pilates-books-art-buy shoes-sneakers-sushi-Venice-the sea-Margiela-real friends-wear scarf-California-big ear ring-leather bracelets –movies-special dinner with special friends-have long walk on the beach-windsurf-Prada-Miu Miu-Kate Moss-Apple-London-The sartorialist-fashion blogs-White T-shirt-skinny jeansflea market-rock musicvintage sunglasses-white winewake up in summer at the sea-Jonny Deep-Balenciaga-Marni-rock T-shirt-concert
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